Photo by Jeff Nissen on - to stop something .... having a sensible and realistic attitude to life..., stepping back to observe your mind; calming down stress and upsets; take in the good of positive experiences; self- compassion; exercising restraint........ We have "stopped/paused" aspects of our lives over the past year. We have been [...]

Mindfulness Online – where to start

So many resources. A brief addition to Summits of the Mind post as I notice that Coursera, an online learning platform founded by Stanford University in 2012, recommends the Demystifying Mindfulness Course run by The University of Leiden that I listed: Coursera has had much success with The Science of Well-Being Course taught by [...]

Summits in Mind

...It's not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.... Sir Edmund Hilary is attributed with these words but they seem to be a combination of his thoughts in a 1998 interview and George Mallory's words in an article for Alpine Journal (1918). Words can become obscured with the mists of time but it is true that [...]

Arches high and Low 2

More than three months since the posting in which I pictured the quaking aspen (pando). Having read "The Hidden Life of Trees" as "lockdown" took grip here in the UK I was struck by learning that trees thrive in communities and within these communities they help each other: " is not in a forest's interests [...]

TfHP13 – Functional mobility

Functional movement is the ability to move around freely to perform everyday tasks. It partners moblity, stability and flexibility. In dynamic movement like walking, running the changes from stability to mobility between adjacent joints occur quickly.   Flexibility helps to improve the range of movement appropriate to the everyday task. Sprinters - in one "package" , [...]