TfHP 11 – intentions and goals

My intention of posting the regular Wednesday blog was scuppered by a feeling of exasperation following an early morning supermarket shop where the imposed one-way system led to dense traffic jams at popular junctures, Missing the "deadline" I set a goal - to meet my Friday (self-imposed) "deadline". An afternoon walk, revealed some feelings of [...]

Warrior 1

Photo by Elina Fairytale on ........Virabhadrāsana has been called "easily one of the most iconic and recognizable postures in yoga....... (Wikipedia) The front foot is firmly placed , the back foot is set behind and the pelvis is facing forward.  This may be why the pose is generally listed as a beginner pose.  Benefits [...]

TfHP7 – Feet and psoas

Day 8 of the Yoga Toe Challenge and there is some tiny improvement. My brain is beginning to remember that I have a little toe that can move - if I "speak" to it on a regular basis. "Speaking" to areas of the body that may have disengaged from the "conversation" due to unintentional neglect, [...]

TfHP 5 – Anxiety and worry

By shortening the title of this series of posts (Tips for Home Practice) , I remind myself that brevity is called for at a time when our devices become overladen with instructions, self-help and online tutorials. The image above, signifies, the importance of caring for others. To do this we must take care of ourselves. [...]