My approach to yoga teaching

I believe that it is important to help people to practise healthy functional movement that we use in everyday life; rather than focusing upon a shape that may appear in a yoga book.  We have evolved to move and by strengthening healthy movement we can reduce our body’s need to compensate for imbalances. Compensation can definitely lead to injury and injuries may lead to compensation.

We have all led different lives and we have all moved differently.  The tensions that we pick up along the way often stay with us, become habitual.  An important part of my teaching is to identify and unpick habits which are not useful.

We can all fall into bad habits with our breathing.  Every class starts with breathing practices to free up the respiratory muscles and to free tension.  Movement is practised to free tension and each session ends with relaxation.

This is a very simple approach to yoga that applies to all ages and all levels of ability. By slowly and carefully moving in a healthier and safer way we can re-educate the body.  We can listen to the body’s innate intelligence and the results speak for themselves:

We move better; breathe better; feel quieter inside


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