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I’m Liz, a yoga teacher with classes in the beautful Chilterns. Thanks for visiting! Use the Blog search button to find information of specific interest to you.

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Walking Backwards for Christmas

The title of a crazy song by The Goons and now a suggestion to improve balance, knee function and brain health. Who would have thought? people who are interested in functional movement, I would proffer. We have spent this last term using, talking about, massaging and generally focusing upon feet. The stability of the outer…

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– to stop something …. having a sensible and realistic attitude to life…, stepping back to observe your mind; calming down stress and upsets; take in the good of positive experiences; self- compassion; exercising restraint…….. We have “stopped/paused” aspects of our lives over the past year. We have been grounded by the pandemic, our plans…

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So how do I improve my balance?

In our Intelligent approach to movement we devote much time to feet and toes.  Look at the numerous blogs on this site : TfHP12. Mobilization and Modification – feet TfHP8 – walking TfHP7 – Feet and psoas Gravity, balance and those big toes There are many more, just type feet into the search box and…

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