Knees need to move

Awaiting feedback on how yoga students feel in the 3 stages of Sprinter’s pose, as outlined last week.

Came across a study conducted in Brigham Young University, Utah, which suggests that activity (in this case running) benefits the knee-joint as opposed to sitting which “seemed to make the knee biomechanically more vulnerable to later disease..” 

The study was very small and conducted over a short term but it is interesting in view of our yoga lessons which include frequent small movements to strengthen and align the knees.  These movements are hard for those new to the classes but in time and with patience, our knees begin to function better.



2 thoughts on “Knees need to move

  1. Interesting re running I thought. Potentially, if you make sure that the hamstrings don’t get too tight, keep the foot flexible through simple exercises and make sure that the ankle/knee/hip are in alignment through Sprinter’s, then running should be better balanced as well as helpful for the knees.


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